AI Saturday #1

Sat, Jan 6, 2018

Read in 1 minutes

Today is the kick off for AI Saturday(

The class start with the course from by Jeremy Howard. Since I already watch his video before without implementing it, by joining this event I can start implement the tutorial based on the video and can follow along with the other participant. Some participant ask some good question and also help me understand the course better.

Next session is by learning deep learning theory from Stanford STAT385 course material. The participants need to read 1 out of 7 research paper related to convolutional neural network and divide into 7 group. Each group send one representative for presenting what they understand about the research paper.For our team we need to read about ResNet a CNN from Microsoft which is introduce a way on how to make a neural network more deeper without affecting its accuracy.

The last session is about CS231n course 2017 course that teach us about CNN and also a little of image processing concept.