How I start learning Go

Fri, Dec 1, 2017

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Hi, my first blog post gonna be on how I start learning Go language. 

Usually I will start on implementing and write the code rather than understand the underlying concept because I’m not very good with reading stuff that I did not have experience or imagine what the concept really is.

The website I have been go through so far is and

I’m a fan of learnxinyminutes website because it give all the overview of the language itself in a single page/post. If I can understand all the code inside the page it means I got the confidence in using that language (for me). The website also give some further guide if want to explore more. 

Next I will try to create my own example program based on website. There is many example for starter to understand the concept of go language itself. Similar to any other CS courses out there, it will start with typical hello world,condition statement,loop and other function that can be use.

The reason I want to learn Go language because I heard from my friend that Go can create a webserver that can handle multiple request similar like node.js and can also do high computation process. It also can be compile into small executable program and put it into small tiny linux core without any library and dependency.

I think that’s all from me and I will try to update the blog one post every two weeks.


Today I found new website for playing around with Go language This website let you edit the code and run the program from their website. This can be helpful if you don’t want to compile and run the code in your PC.