Mon, Dec 25, 2017

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It already 4 months since I graduated from University and started working in For this past four months I have learn a lot as a FullStack Developer in this company.

September 2017

When I first join Vase, the very first task I got is optimizing the algorithm for querying interlock criteria and make sure the ratio for given criteria is correct. The program cannot achieve exact ratio number since the number of data/row not enough to get. I need to improve the result and make sure the return ratio is as nearest to request ratio. It was such a challenging task for me since the criteria not interlock in one or two dimension but n dimensions which is very hard to optimize. After 3 weeks doing R&D, I got to improve the return result. After my algorithm have been tested and verified, I have been given task to make a website persist it state even though the page have been refresh. After completing it I move on to working on Client dashboard website.

October 2017

Client dashboard is a website whereby our client can monitor and check the data have been gathered in bar chart form. My first task is implementing favorites function whereby the user can favorite any chart they interested in and store in local browser. Since the data have been gather is abundance, the user need this feature for filtering and can easily analyze interesting data in one look.There are two type of data being view which is standard chart which got data of every question being answered in a survey and crosstab chart which is the cross tabulation between two survey question.